Update 06-17

Revised 04/07/2017

Policy Update

Importance Level: HIGH

WesLend Secondary Lock Policy

Pre-Locks/Forward Locks

In an effect to provide accurate information to the borrower at the time of Lender’s initial disclosure, WesLend is making a few changes to our pre-lock submission policy. In addition to the broker’s initial LE with Lender in blank and the broker signed 1003 that is submitted within 48 hours of the lock, WesLend is also requesting that the estimated escrow/closing agent fee sheet be submitted as well.

Additionally, we are changing the email address where these documents are to be submitted. Effective immediately, the initial LE, broker signed 1003 and the estimated escrow/closing agent fee sheet should be emailed to Loansetup@weslend.com

Please contact your Account Executive with any questions.